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Gourmet Coffees Offered By Cup of Heaven

Proudly offering American Tasting Institute Award of Excellence winning Morning Star Coffees!


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Package Sizes: 12 oz net product (1 lb gross); 6 pack = 4.5 lb net product (5.2 lb gross); 5 lb net product (5.7 lb gross).
Shipping, handling & insurance to 48 continental United States only (FedEx or US Priority Mail FEDEX):
Shipping weight up to and including: 1 lb $5.95; 3 lb $6.95; 4 lb $7.95; 5 lb $9.95; more than 5 lb higher accordingly.


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Morning Star Espresso Blend is a distinctive, southern Italian style offering a complex, robust, classic flavor accented with a hint of caramel. A semi-dark roast taste is followed by an aromatic, clean finish.

12 oz

6 pack

5 lb

DECAF With Flavor!

Morning Star Blend SWP Decaf incorporates a  special process for roasting these Swiss Water Process decaffeinated beans that will have you asking if this is really decaf! Virtually indistinguishable from regular (i.e., with caffeine) coffee

12 oz

6 pack

5 lb

Brandywine Blend - Made with Morning Star's famous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, this is the roasters superbly smooth blend of South American and African coffees. Rich and exciting flavor followed by a clean, aromatic aftertaste.

$9.95/12 oz

$44.99/6 pack

$44.99/5 lb

Breakfast Blend - The perfect morning start to your day. A mild blend of Central and South American coffees.

$9.95/12 oz

$42.99/6 pack

$42.99/5 lb

Columbian Supremo - Lively and smooth accented by a soft flavorful aftertaste. This full bodied coffee is aromatic and sweet with a floral note. An outstanding value

$38.99/5 lb

Papua New Guinea - One of three exclusive coffees offered for the first time publicly. This coffee is grown in lush, sub-tropical areas of this beautiful island, which has some of the best volcanic soil in the world.

$46.99/5 lb

Morning Star Blend - Great blend of Morning Star's best and most exotic varietal coffees from Africa and Indonesia! Scored so well in extensive testing it's their flag ship product!

$11.45/12 oz

$48.99/6 pack

$48.99/5 lb

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Previously featured item in Coffee Review. Prized for its wine like acidity and rich undertones. These prized beans help create a classic and truly unique coffee.

$47.99/5 lb

Mexican Certified Organic - DISCONTINUED - Extremely smooth and full-bodied coffee from Atoyec. Elegant with medium acidity, these certified organic beans deliver a bright and brisk brew.

$0.00 lb

Haven Harbor - Smooth and sweetly aromatic semi-dark roasted blend of South American coffees, with a long lasting, memorable aftertaste.

$10.45/12 oz

$41.99/6 pack

$41.99/5 lb

Sumatra Mandheling Viennese  - Morning Star's number one seller, and with good reason. Scored a perfect 10 in earning a national taste award of excellence.

$48.99/5 lb

Tanzanian Peaberry - One of three exclusive coffees offered for the first time publicly. This coffee is rare and sought after by connoisseurs. Look for its intense, fine East African coffee aroma with spice notes on your palate.

$49.99/5 lb

Superior Packaging - Freshness is critical to coffee quality. The best way to buy your coffee is freshly roasted, in whole bean form. We ship these custom roasted, small batches during the week they are roasted. These beans are not in unprotected bins like you'll see elsewhere (where beans sit an average of 30 days!). Morning Star Coffees are sealed in coffee bags with special one-way valves, to stop air infiltration, which air-stales the beans. In addition, a nitrogen "blanket" (air gently replaced by nitrogen) keeps the flavor and aroma in and the air out. Sealed, these bags can be stored for months keeping just-roasted quality and taste.


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 *Note: Buy 3 get 1 free offer applies to individual 12 ounce bags of coffee only (not cases or 5 LB bags).

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