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What's the difference? We proudly offer (and drink only) Morning Star Coffees because they:

  1. Use only the top 5% of the world's best beans (and they are 100% Arabica beans).

  2. Hand select and specialty roast in small batches.

  3. Offer the freshest coffees (they do not sit on shelves an average of 30 days like most coffees).

  4. Most coffees we offer have earned The Award of Excellence by the American Tasting Institute. Does your coffee roaster advertise using the top 5% of the world's best beans or their national tasting awards?

  5. These are "high yield" coffees. You use MUCH LESS coffee compared to notable competitors.

Coffee (Made Per Instructions)

Cost Per 12 oz. Cup

Difference Per 12 oz. Cup

*Award Winning Morning Star Blend

$0.29 to $0.38


Peet's House Blend $0.40 $0.02 to $0.11
Starbucks House Blend $0.40 $0.02 to $0.11
Gourmet coffee shop (brewed) $1.50 $1.12 to $1.21
Convenience store (brewed) $0.99 $0.61 to $0.70

NOTE: We recommend starting with 1 tablespoon (Tbls.) of coffee per 6 ounce cup of the Morning Star Coffees we offer, but we also used a 1 1/3 Tbls. (20 ml.) coffee scoop, because we wanted to provide a conservative example (and we like it strong). We used 2 Tbls. for Peet's and Starbucks per their published instructions. Our cost per cup ranges from $0.29 (using 1 Tbls.) to $0.38 (using 1 1/3 Tbls.). That's $0.02 to $0.11 less per 12 ounce cup than Starbucks or Peet's respectively, and much less than any brewed. (And the comparison is even more dramatic when you buy our new 5 lb bags!)


Wondering how much coffee to buy or how long it will last? Click here to download our free Coffee Calculator© now.

 *Note: Buy 3 get 1 free offer applies to individual 12 ounce bags of coffee only (not cases or 5 LB bags).

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