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Did you know you are likely drinking coffee may already be air-stale?
Sorry, but it's a sad fact that coffee you buy off the shelf in improper packages, and even from high-priced specialty shops is an average of 30 days old -- often much older. Unlike some wines, coffee does not improve with aging when exposed to air, which makes the coffee stale. The best way to buy your coffee is freshly roasted, in whole bean form and properly packaged.

There are many and varying theories as to the best way to package coffee and store it for freshness. You will not find a consensus, even among the respected coffee industry groups. So we will address what has proven to work for gourmet establishments that serve their coffees and even won awards.

Premium packaging to help ensure your coffee's freshness and flavor.

Most quality coffees are now sealed in coffee bags with special one-way valves. This allows degassing of freshly roasted beans to occur, but does not allow any air to infiltrate the bag and air-stale the beans. Air-staling occurs when the beans are exposed to air -- this degrades the flavor of the beans and shortens their peak taste life. While some coffee roasters vacuum pack their product for "extended freshness", we believe some of the aroma is removed during this process and does not result in the best final cup of coffee. Instead, Some coffee roasters package using a nitrogen "blanket" (air is gently removed and replaced by nitrogen). This keeps all the flavor in and air out -- if unopened, these bags can be stored for months retaining just-roasted quality and taste.

Storing you coffee...

Once you open your coffee, the best thing to do is reseal the bag tightly and force out any trapped air through the special one-way valves. As a second choice you can place your coffee beans in an air tight container. Your coffee will retain its peak flavor for four to six weeks after opening the special bags. Contrary to what many people believe, the refrigerator is really a hostile environment (your coffee will absorb other odors) and not the best place for your coffee. However, if you place your coffee in air tight containers, you can refrigerate the coffee for longer periods of time.


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